Donald (Tad) Powers, Esq., Michael Marks, Esq., & Adam Powers, Esq.


Offering both Zoom and In-Person

Post-pandemic, we have adapted our process.   We have become adept at mediating remotely, while also offering in-person mediation.

Our remote mediations are conducted by Zoom teleconferencing.  Zoom provides a fairly user-friendly platform for remotely convening both joint sessions and breakout rooms, and we can accommodate the logistics of circulating Agreements to Mediate and finalizing Settlement Agreements remotely, through DocuSign.

In order to use Zoom securely, we require that each participant be admitted by the mediator through an on-line waiting room. This provides a secure and comfortable entry into the online mediation.

Effective dispute resolution continues.

Please see our Remote Mediation tab on the left for more information, or give us a call any time to discuss the logistics of mediation in your particular case.






We bring our own focused approach to resolving challenging disputes.  Tad and Michael have litigated in state and federal courts for over twenty-five years before devoting MarksPowers exclusively to ADR, and Adam has been studying mediation since before he attended law school. We understand that mediation requires the same professional dedication and expertise that attorneys bring to litigating their cases.

We are prepared.  If it matters to the case, we want to understand it.  And we want to be sure that the parties understand what really matters so they are prepared to effectively mediate.

We are patient.  We understand that mediation requires us to understand all of the personalities and positions.  But it requires much more.  We need to help the players negotiate effectively and creatively to meet their underlying needs.  We take the time to make the process work.

We are persistent.  We don't arrive with solutions that we impose.  We do work with you--for as long as it takes--to help you and your clients find solutions that better meet your needs than litigation.

MarksPowers LLP is a mediation, arbitration and negotiation firm serving clients throughout the Northeast. See About Our Mediators for more details about Tad and Michael, and call or email us any time to talk about your conflict management needs and our range of services. 

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